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About AkiEdge

AkiEdge is your partner/coach for all your Digital Marketing needs, whether it be Search Engine Optimisation or Campaigns or Lead Generation or CMS Website development or even an entire portfolio setup for your business or events with emphasis to productivity and results along with the fluid ambience we provide.


We monitor and mitigate your SERP (Search Engine Results Page), moderate your Social Media presence and Web Content. Why? Because we understand the importance of how your or your brand image is perceived from an INTERNET SEARCH!

Website Development

Work with us to select a Domain name that fits your needs and let us take care of everything else from hosting your domain, to website creation.


We are your Knight in Shining Armour. We are honored to serve our King and Queen. AE builds up your ideas from scratch, starting with a iconic brand name, logo, a seamless design and evolve your idea to a stunning sensation.