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How to be a Digital Marketer?

Digital marketing has become the go-to for anyone and everyone for this day and age. We all shop for various things online whether it be a casual shirt or a jump rope or even groceries nowadays!

What makes the internet platform tic so much, what gives us as digital marketers the opportunity to gain so much torsion out of a single product?


Are you reading this on a bus or a train or a cab going to or fro from work or on the way to meet someone, pause and have a look around you, someone is using a mobile phone or a laptop, isn’t there?

If you’re at your home, at a desk or bed in your room, or chilling on your couch, you are reading this on either a smartphone or a tab or a computer linked to the internet.

So ask yourself why you’re not in on the action yourself?

Let me tell you how to be an effective digital marketer.

1. Understand Marketing Fundamentals: 

By understanding the awareness, consideration and purchase cycle for a consumer. These are the funnels of marketing when it comes to a product.

Let me get you clarity on this part; the sooner you figure out what your customer wants and how they plan to afford it, you get to sell it to them faster than they can say “HOLD ON!”


Because they already want it or they need it. It’s called a necessity. The most impactful factor of digital marketing.

2. Ace advertising channels: Paid and organic. 

Understanding how the channel works, how a person searches a product, how remarketing works so that you, as a digital marketer gets to spend your money in the right way.

Understand the basics of SEO funnel, how content delivers consumer experience and how Social Media has presented itself as the best platform for customer engagement.

You don’t believe me?

Look at your social profile.

I guarantee that you are following someone or something that interests you.

What you’re missing is that we portray this interest in a way that it keeps your senses bedazzled and excited every time you see a post or a story or even a sale.

3. Understanding channel strategy:

Making the most out of the money by reviewing the efficiency of channels in producing results consistently or organically.

A person’s interests pave the way for us, as digital marketers to make our efforts be seen in a wider or extensive portrayal.

4. Communication: The crucial part of being a Digital Marketer.

We’ve all seen Nike ads on TV, on YouTube, Billboards, Social Media, frankly in most places you’ve laid your eyes in.

While advertising content, Nike says “Just do it” as they praise fitness and evangelise running. The top funnel says “Just do it”, Mid funnel says “athleticism, fitness”, meanwhile the Bottom funnel is the actual product.

I bet more than half of you reading this article hadn’t noticed that yet, did you?

5. Data-Driven Marketing: 

The biggest tool in our arsenal is information, from multiple sources like google analytics, CRM, the sales team, etc. 

As a marketer, you need to know WHERE IS the data we are looking for, WHAT IS the data you’re looking for all the while making sure of what you want to track and capture, also, HOW you analyse it.

6. Technical Skills: 

To be honest, it is a good idea to learn basic HTML and CSS, WordPress, SQL, etc somewhere down the line.

It makes us less dependent on others for minor hiccups.

If you’re part of a team, it doesn’t matter to an extent cause you will have developers and content writers helping you out, but if you’re a freelance marketer or a self-employed individual, i assure you, it saves you a lot of headaches.

7. Product marketing:

To be honest, at the very end of it all, we are always marketing a product or a service whether it be a condom, a villa, a book, a smartphone, anything at all.

So it is important to know everything about it like feature, price, origin, promotion, competition, effectivity. Get well with both the pros and cons to market your product effectively.

8. Project management:

It’s important to understand the basics of project management to set your priorities in a meeting, know how to use your time, know how to interact with people and get the most out of it. As a marketer, this is hands down, one of THE MOST IMPORTANT skill sets you need to have and significant addition to your expertise.

9. Experimentation and passion:

As I mentioned earlier, the now is digital. I can assure you, the future will be the same for years to come. But beware, new and advanced models and updates in marketing are in the making.

Hence, you need to stay curious about everything. Keep learning what’s up in the Digital Marketing sector and keep experimenting with your options. Set these up as you move further ahead in time.

Now, you tell me! Shall we start your journey towards being a Digital Marketing Specialist?

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