Google algorithm

Google Algorithms

If you are doing a search on google, there is something called the google algorithms to help google bot decide what to display or what not to? When we search something over the web, the search engine sweeps the web for everything related to what we search and gets us the results on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Google updates these algorithms from time to time and releases new ones as per needs. Thus algorithms play an important role in ranking your website and its content. It is always nice to have the upper hand, but if you don’t do it right, your efforts might be falling faster than you could count them all.

The highly noticeable algorithms and their focus points anyone and everyone who wants to boost SEO setup should look into are:

Google Panda

(24/Feb/2011 – Implemented content filtering)

Poor user Experience

Duplicate content


Thin content

Low quality content

Unhelpful/Untrustworthy content

Keyword stuffing

Google Penguin

(24/Apr/2012 – Implemented link filtering)

Disapproves of buying links [Paid links]

Low quality links

Lack of anchor text diversity

Keyword stuffing

Reciprocal links

Google Hummingbird

(22/Aug/2013 – Aimed at creating opportunities)

Google Semantic search

Results based on user Intent

Knowledge graph [Pulls up the best available info for searches]

Voice Search

Local Results

Google Pigeon

(24/July/2014 – Improved local search)

Content filtering based on:

  1. Distance
  2. Reviews & Ratings
  3. Category

Google RankBrain

(26/Oct/2015 – Improved real-time ranking of results using AI)

Values CTR [Click Through Rate = Clicks/Impressions]

Favours high Dwell Time [Advised to use forms and reviews]

Preferably use suitable titles and meta-description

Google Mobilegeddon

(21/Apr/2015 – Implemented higher responsiveness for mobiles)

Ranking for Accelerated Mobile Pages

Ranking for mobile friendly sites

Introduced mobile friendly test

Google Possum

(1/Sep/2016 – Aimed at improving local search)

Searcher location plays importance

Diminished results from outside physical location

Categorised & accurate perfect match for search results

Local keywords are important

Google Fred

(8/Mar/2017 – Aimed at filtering human greed/black hat SEO tactics)

Affiliate link stuffing

Blogs for making revenue

Ad centred content

Low quality content

Poor user experience

Frowns upon Deceptive & Aggressive ads

Google BERT

(21/Oct/2019 – Aimed at local language optimisation)

Dedicated to natural language processing with AI

BERT is an open source technology

These are the GOOGLE ALGORITHMS that act as guidelines for your Search Engine Optimisations to ranking better on Search Engine Result Pages. As most of us do not go past page 2 or even page 1 of the results page, it matters how you build up your page and get the best of these algorithms.

Note: Some of these algorithms run on a real-time basis. They are:

  • Google Penguin
  • Google Hummingbird
  • Google RankBrain
  • Google Possum

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