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Search Engine Algorithm in simple words

When a search is done in a search engine, we expect search results on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Here, the search engine determines what kind of results should be displayed on the SERP based on an algorithm. In other words, importance to the quality and relevance of content along with the websites page rank and domain authority leads to better SERP ranks.

It is important that we, as end-users receive the best recommendations for what we need.

Search results are picked out in a certain mechanism as follows:

  1. Imagine a person enters a search QUERY on Google Search
  2. The SEARCH ENGINE passes the query to the CRAWLER/SPIDER
  3. The crawler dissects the query into KEYWORDS and analyses its library
  4. In addition, the DATA & KEYWORDS are evaluated and matched with content in different webpages
  5. The acquired information is passed through every website source codes and the local servers which store the data
  6. Crawler performs an INDEXING OF EVERY POSITIVE HIT that came back for the query
  7. Henceforth, the indexed list is brought back to the main server of the search engine
  8. The main server analyses the webpages via the RANKING ALGORITHMs to create the search results
  9. The final indexed list is passed back to the SEARCH ENGINE
  10. The person receives SEARCH RESULTS on the Google SERP

However, as long as this may seem, the entire process is concluded in a matter of seconds by a search engine bot (crawler).

Although this may not explain the entire process involved, this still gives you a basic idea of how a search works. The end results received on the SERP is where the power lies for a website. The RANKING ALGORITHMS for each search engine differs but as Google stands tall like a Titan who just conquered the heavens, rest assured, optimising your website for Google Bot (Google Crawler for search) will ensure a safe passage for the information you provide with results worth the effort, regardless of the search engine.

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